Technical Assistance to Mozambique's Ministry of Transport


The beginning of August marked the conclusion of the first phase of the Technical Assistance work that IP Engenharia S.A. (IPE), of the Portuguese Infrastructure Group (IP), and China Tiesiju Civil Engineering (CTCE), of the China Railway Engineering Group Corporation (CREC), are developing for the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique (MTC), which aims to support the improvement of the overall functioning of the MTC, focusing on the Planning side - Strategic, Tactical and Operational plans.


In the first phase of the Technical Assistance, we proceeded to the identification of institutional actors who, as a whole, intervene or interact with the MTC Transport System, characterizing the attributions and functions of the universe of the main stakeholders.


In another aspect, the mechanisms of articulation between the regulation, supervision and monitoring activities of the railway concession contracts and the planning activities were evaluated. The rail and port concessions are particularly important throughout the work, given the importance of this instrument given the importance of this instrument for mobilizing private sector financial and technical resources for Mozambique.


To this end, the Technical Assistance team, with the support of the MTC Managers designated to coordinate the work within the MTC, held dozens of face-to-face meetings and visits to some of the main MTC supported infrastructure to describe the architecture of the system.


Within the framework of the partnership that IPE and CTCE have had since 2017, for the “Cooperation for the Development of Sustainable Transport Infrastructures in Portuguese-Speaking Countries”, supporting the training of public organizations and infrastructure managers, the two entities are committed to ensure that at the end of the work the MTC will see its capacity strengthened, notably with regard to the huge challenge that Mozambique has to plan, modernize and build “Development Corridors” based on transport infrastructures to boost growth economic of the country.