Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique - second phase


The Technical Assistance work that IP Engenharia, in partnership with China Tiesiju Civil Engineering (CTCE), is developing for the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique (MTC) is continuing. In the second phase, in progress, a Process Management System is being implemented in the Ministry.



The implementation of the Process Management System in the MTC will improve the overall functioning of the institution by systematizing activities and organizing them into processes, procedures and practices - in line with good management practices in large organizations - reducing complexity, bureaucracy, analysis and decision time, while optimizing the resources involved.

The development of this system will increase the basic conditions for implementing the structural actions proposed by the Government of Mozambique for the next five years (2020-2024), namely, solutions to mobilize financial resources for the maintenance and expansion of transportation and logistics infrastructure and to improve the quality of services provided. In short, the MTC could move forward with more and better transport infrastructures.

The MTC’s Process Management System is an innovative and pioneering project within Mozambique's public administration. It represents the Executive's commitment, not only to the execution of Government policies, but essentially in improving the quality of life of Mozambicans, given the important role that infrastructure and transport play.

Given that this process requires the involvement and commitment of all National Directors, Directors, Heads of Department and MTC staff, in the first week of November three briefings were held in Maputo, addressed to the approximately 160 members of the staff, about the MTC’s Process Management System. The sessions resulted in an interaction between all staff members and MTC and IPE Technical Assistance Team, which in the end turned out to be very positive.

The closing of one of the sessions was done by the Vice Minister of Transport and Communications, Manuela Rebelo.



Meanwhile, work continues to characterize the activities carried out by the MTC and to identify the formal tasks required for their development.