IP signs a protocol with Lusófona University


This Protocol, signed between this two entities, which are references in business and academia, will result in the implementation of program contracts for projects in areas of common interest.

The projects include joint training and research, advisory, technical training and provision of specialized technical support in the field of civil engineering applied to transport infrastructures, postgraduate, masters and doctoral research, access to scientific and technical information and documentation, in the scope of common activities, use of experimental means and other laboratory infrastructures of the Lusófona University of Humanities and Technologies (ULHT), and conducting seminars and workshops, always with special emphasis on areas related to Civil Engineering.

Aware of trends and future challenges, IP has been participating in several research and innovation projects typically leveraged by community funds.

IP's IDI Program, currently, has 21 ongoing innovation projects and seven already completed. The Community funds raised amount to five million euros, plus two million euros of tax savings associated with the approval of SIFIDE applications. Innovation projects across IP encompass 15 directions and over 100 employees. The consortia in which IP participates involve 286 international and 70 national partners, some of them present here.

These projects operate in the areas of connectivity and telecommunications, strategy and business, the Shit2Rail - European research and innovation program for rail, asset management, monitoring and sensing, cybersecurity, road safety and environment and climate change.