IP Engenharia starts Technical Assistance for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Mozambique


Last July, the IP Group, through IP Engenharia, started a Technical Assistance Program for the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Mozambique.

The Government of Mozambique, through the action of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC), is mobilized at strengthening internal and external competitiveness, attracting private capital and in diversifying the economy and widening the respective tax base, which will create new job opportunities that will lead to more and better growth.

The MIC's goals are based on an industrialization and commercialization strategy that enhances some sectors of the economic activity, such as agriculture, which depends on the institutional strengthening of Mozambican Organizations and Human Resources, on the improvement of planning and action instruments, and reinforcement of the interfaces between different segments of the State - namely concerning the role of railways, ports and roads infrastructures.

Transport infrastructures are the backbone of development corridors, and strengthening their competitiveness requires the introduction of improvements in terms of strategic planning and the functioning of their interfaces.

In this context, and based on the long history of excellent mutual cooperation and exchange of experiences between Mozambique and Portugal, MIC asked IP a “Technical Assistance Program for Increasing Competitiveness and Improving Strategic Planning and the functional interfaces of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.”

This Technical Assistance, which has started on July 20th 2020, will last for two years and joins the Program that began in November 2018 for the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Mozambique. Moreover, it signals the vitality of bilateral relations between Mozambique and Portugal.