CPLP's 2nd Economic Market Conference attended by IPE


The Economic Confederation of the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CE-CPLP) organized, at the beginning of December, the 2nd edition of the CPLP Economic Market Conference with the purpose of discussing the major issues of the Political Agenda and the Economic Agenda of this space.

The initiative was attended by the CPLP Executive Secretary, the President of CE-CPLP, Salimo Abdula, as well as various members of the Portuguese-Speaking countries governments, diplomatic corps, businessmen, institutions and associations.

The IP Group participated in the panel underlying the discussion of CPLP's Economic Market Agenda, through Delegated Administrator of IP Engenharia, Amílcar Monteiro, who addressed three aspects considered crucial for the development of CPLP's transport networks and economy of the CPLP, and to which the IP Group may make a contribution, namely:

  • The need of development to increasingly sustainable and resilient infrastructures to enable them to survive the impact of climate change, reinforcing the total need for them to be designed, built and monitored differently from what has been done mainly in countries with structural and economic needs.
  • The need to attract private investment at a level that will make the infrastructure sector sustainable through the launch of Concessions and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Programs, underlining the need for entities to previously strengthen their technical capacity and expertise given the complexity Concession and PPP contracts.
  • Lastly, the potential of the CE-CPLP's contribution to addressing the challenges facing the transport infrastructure sector as a whole, namely by meeting the basic conditions to support the Portuguese-Speaking Governments in building the capacity of their institutions infrastructure managers by providing structured solutions with high added-value technical assistance.

The 2nd CPLP Economic Market Conference ended with the signing of the “Port Letter”, a structuring document of the CE-CPLP action for the next biennium, which outlines important objectives and actions, with a focus on increasing the circulation of people, goods, services and capital among the countries that make up the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP), notably the establishment of the “CPLP Specialized Infrastructure Commission”.

The “CPLP Specialized Infrastructure Commission” recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in investments in transport infrastructure projects, where communication ways - whether roads or railways - play an important role in economic infrastructure, leveraging development from those same countries.