3rd International 'Business On the Way' Conference


The Portuguese Business Association (AEP) organized the 3rd International Business On the Way Conference on the theme “The Current Challenges of Globalization”, with the objective to discuss the relationship of Portugal and Portuguese companies with foreign markets, as well as their internationalization strategies and how they can create market value.

The initiative was attended by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, and the President of AICEP, Luís Castro Henriques, as well as various businessmen, institutions and associations.

The IP Group / IP Engenharia participated in the panel underlying the theme “Generate Value and Strategy for Internationalization” through the intervention of its Delegate Administrator, Amílcar Monteiro, who focused on some opportunities for Portuguese companies in Portuguese-speaking markets.

Firstly, he pointed out that the “One Belt, One Road” initiative is absolutely unavoidable in Portugal, something that is even more visible since the signing of the Protocol between the Presidents of Portugal and China for the development of this initiative in December 2018. Regarding the opportunities it represents for Portuguese companies, Amílcar Monteiro pointed out that in terms of infrastructures this initiative opens up a set of investment opportunities like never before seen in Portugal, both in terms of building new infrastructures and distributing products to Central Europe, in cooperation with Chinese entities and companies.

On the other hand, it was also discussed the use that should be made of the Memorandum signed between Portugal and China for collaboration in third countries, namely in Portuguese-speaking countries, where Portugal and Portuguese companies can add competitive advantages to the Chinese action. In this sense, it was also mentioned the huge amount of opportunities that exist for Portuguese companies in these countries, namely, within the scope of the recent strategies of attracting foreign investment that are underway throughout the CPLP - based on ambitious privatization programs and concessions by participating directly or by supporting the capacity building of local institutions.