Management of the Registration Processes

Cataloguing, updating and using property of the public railway domain

The management of assets of the public railway domain, as well as the related rights and obligations were transferred to REFER in 1997. This competence was attributed through DL 104/97 of the 29th April (articles 10, 11 and 12 of the said law).
For a precise and real time management of all assets (property, land and buildings), it is important to take into consideration the history of over 150 years of successive changes in assets (acquisitions and transfers) and the high volume of recorded data, covering the entire Country.

IP Património uses geographic information technologies as a fundamental and decisive tool for the integrated management of assets. For this, a Geographic Information System (GIS) was formed which operates as the base tool for all processes.


The GIS allows:


  • Catalogue of all geographic data

Using all existing recorded data (analogical and digital), topographic information and the potential of SIG and CAD software, the associated geographic and alphanumerical information was recorded in a central database;

  • Creation of applications

Using the small applications developed in the country, the use of the information can be democratized and its update can be done by a wider group of people;

  • Process management

The integrated management of a set of processes can be done with geographic information. The management of emission processes of external options on constructions close to railway infrastructures, the execution of new expropriations and the development of transfer or concession processes is done in a transversal manner, based on data sharing among all areas;

  • Geographic analysis and availability of information

Possibility of performing a set of data analyses (e.g.: provision of areas for valorization, illegal occupation, own and public assets, provision of information to other entities, direct query of the status of each geographic element, etc.).