Through CAD, GIS and document management (SAP-DMS) tools, we provide consulting services in the scope of process management and analysis of projects adjoining or neighbouring a transport infrastructure.

Execution of works adjoining the railway

Portugal has specific laws which restrict constructions which adjoin or neighbour a railway infrastructure.
The main aspects to be taken into account are related to the safety and also the security of the railway infrastructure, while safeguarding new railway investments (embankment stabilisation, rectification of designs, new lines or branches, etc.).

We can divide restrictions into the following groups:


  • Non-built-up zones – areas around the railway infrastructure on which the construction of buildings is restricted. The distances to be safeguarded depend on the type of construction and its size;
  • Execution of activities – activities that may cause smoke, toxic gas, fire or explosion hazards are prohibited as is the use of lights or reflectors and damming of water drainage systems;
  • Access to the infrastructure – the establishment of any access to allow direct entry onto the railway lines (gates, paths, etc.) is prohibited as are any new pedestrian level crossings.