IP Património - Administração e Gestão Imobiliária, S.A., which is 99.9968% owned by Infraestruturas de Portugal and 0.0032% by IP Engenharia, is the company of the IP - Infraestruturas de Portugal Group responsible for the management of real estate assets, with experience in the commercial development of the network of stations and transport interfaces, guaranteeing their efficient use, enhancement and profitability.

It creates value for customers and society, intervening in the transport system and territorial planning and development.


It carries out the acquisition, expropriation, registration update and sale of real estate or the constitution of rights over the same, as well as the profitability of the assets assigned to the concession or the autonomous assets of the IP Group and the management and operation of stations and associated facilities, including their operational management.


  • Ethics
  • Security
  • Sustainability