IP Engenharia, S.A., which is 98.43% owned by Infraestruturas de Portugal and 1.57% by IP Património, is a company of the IP Group focused on the consulting and transport engineering area, specialised in the road and rail sector.


Provide transport engineering services to support the business activity of IP and in multidisciplinary road and/or rail projects, providing mobility solutions with a high level of integration, both nationally and internationally.

VALUES of the Group

  • Ethics
  • Security
  • Sustainability


Corporate Management System Policy

IP Engenharia, S.A., a company of the Infraestruturas de Portugal Group, is committed to the continuous improvement of its Corporate Management System, based on legality, loyalty, confidence and ethics. This policy reinforces its affirmation and differentiation in national and international markets, fostering sustainability, as a transport engineering consultant for integrated solutions covering all phases of a project life cycle.
IP Engenharia is committed to conducting its activities in an efficient, effective, safe, socially and environmentally responsible manner, focusing on the development of services that create value for stakeholders and ensuring the commitment to meet the requirements applicable to its products.